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3 Reasons to Invest in Information Strategy Tools

Expert.ai Team - 19 June 2018

Investment is a key element in every growing company. Organizations tend to invest in solutions that can help them address specific business issues; so, when they need to improve their sales activities, they evaluate and eventually invest in specific tools, when they need to update their products or services, they invest on R&D, etc.

But what happens when we talk about technology to support your Information Strategy?

We all know the importance of having a strategy for managing information and a key element of this strategy is having the right tools and technologies in place. Even if we’ve all heard of organizations who invested in technologies that couldn’t live up to the hype in the long run, this shouldn’t be a deterrent for continuing to look for the right solution. Here are the Top 3 Reasons Why companies should invest in Reliable Information Strategy Tools.

1. With the proper Information Strategy Tool, any information can be processed.

A lot of companies want to treat every piece of information the same. When they realize that most of their information is unstructured, they might be discouraged because there are many solutions that build huge expectations and often fail to deliver. An information strategy tool based on the Cogito technology can easily read and understand structured and even unstructured data thanks to its unique ability to mimic the human way of comprehending content while taking into account its context. This allows Cogito to extract and provide only the relevant information users are looking for, showing a level of precision often unavailable with other solutions.

2. The right Information Strategy Tool can reduce costs and risks.

As a company grows, the quantity and complexity of its information grows in turn. In this context, setting up a proper Information Management Strategy is fundamental. Today, most every organization is dealing with a mass of data that is almost impossible to manage manually, first because the expenses would be prohibitive, and the risk of mistakes could cost even more. This is especially so if you consider the regulations with which we must be compliant, like the recent GDPR.

By implementing an Information Strategy Tool based on Cogito’s technology, organizations can reduce the time they spend on analyzing information from hours to seconds, while ensuring that every document is processed with the same accuracy of the most efficient human expert, but with the risk of mistakes practically reduced to 0.

3. Information Strategy Tools can make organizations more competitive and productive.

Without a proper information management strategy, and without a reliable Information Strategy Tool, the useful data within an organization could be lost or stay hidden. This might have a negative impact also on the decisions that top managers must make, because they are not given the clear and full picture of the situations they must face every day.

An Information Strategy Tool based on Cogito’s technology can boost an organization’s ability to analyze and retrieve every piece of relevant information, providing decision makers the insights they need when they need it most, improving business processes and even collaboration between departments. This is thanks to the fact that Cogito is an out of the box solution, which means that it can be adapted to your pre-existing processes without altering them, because it can be customized from your requirements, giving you also the chance to easily tune it while already exploiting the full power of its AI.