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Two New Ways to Further Integrate NL into Your AI System

Expert.ai Team - 17 November 2020

There are endless opportunities for you to impart artificial intelligence into your business processes. However, it can be difficult to bring those opportunities to life without the right technology on hand. AI is essential to the present and future of your organization, so we have made it our mission to make our natural language technology as accessible and easy to use for people everywhere.

You may have noticed our most recent NL API release — and even tried out the newly released features — but we are far from done sharing our technology with you. Today, we have not one, but two exciting new releases for you to adopt and bring into your organization — expert.ai Studio and expert.ai Edge NL API.

What’s Next?

Natural language technology has not only become critical to finding value in unstructured data, but in building more explainable and responsible AI systems. With both Studio and Edge NL API, these priorities can guide your AI journey from the outset.

Expert.ai Studio

Expert.ai Studio is our new IntelliJ plug-in that delivers powerful natural language processing (NLP) technology directly to your development environment. This enables you to seamlessly integrate expert.ai technology into your development environment so you can quickly and effectively address any and all linguistic challenges facing your organization.

With this plugin, you can more easily apply our natural language understanding (NLU) capabilities and fine-grained text processing algorithms to achieve precise comprehension of your content. This arms you with complete control over your data so you can use it efficiently and at scale in support of your business operations.

For those unfamiliar with our NLU process and analytical techniques now available to you, it can be broken down as follows:

  • We clearly group all words, phrases and proper nouns.
  • We perform sentence analysis to isolate each sentence and the different types of clauses within.
  • We assign grammar types to all elements within a document.
  • We identify the actions as well as their associated subjects and objects.
  • We transform all of these foundational language elements into concepts.

All of these actions are driven by the expert.ai knowledge graph which has been meticulously curated over the years to provide a human-like understanding of language. With this technology at your disposal, you can more easily build out the AI solution specific to your needs — all while doing so in a more explainable fashion.

Expert.ai Edge NL API

As the name suggests, the expert.ai Edge Natural Language API offers the same functionalities as our standard NL API, but with the ability to deploy it either on premise or in your private cloud. It also rolls seamlessly into our Studio release, as you can use it to deploy the advanced NLU-based applications you build with the help of Studio.

In particular, developers, data scientists and knowledge engineers can use expert.ai Studio to build linguistic solutions based on the needs of specific use cases, then deploy them on their infrastructure (which leverages Edge NL API) with a single click. This not only simplifies the process of testing specific NL use cases that apply expert.ai technology, but enables scale, speed and security while enriching pre-existing workflows, databases or legacy applications. 

Your AI potential is truly endless with the right technology applied to the proper business application. With our easy-to-use technology now firmly in your grasp, you have addressed half the battle already. What you do next with it is the real challenge. Show us what you’ve got!

NL Success is in the Details

Dive deep into the details around our Studio and Edge NL API releases so you can make the most of them.

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