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Unstructured Data Analytics Tools: Everything You Need To Know

Expert.ai Team - 16 December 2016

Unstructured data analytics tools are software developed to gather and analyze information that doesn’t have a pre-defined model, or that is not organized in a structured manner. Almost all of the information we use and share every day, such as articles, documents and e-mails, are completely or partly unstructured. This complexity makes the information difficult to use in an effective way. So, where does this complexity come from?

The complexity of unstructured data lies within the language that created it. Human language is quite different from the language used by machines, which prefer structured information. Therefore, the goal of an unstructured data analytics tool is to build a bridge between these two very different languages.

Traditional programs make it difficult to fully understand semi-structured data because they may consider tags for the structured part, and keywords for the unstructured part However, they do not fill the gap that we are talking about, and they tend to side with machines. This usually results in a few generic pieces of information gathered through unnatural or complicated queries.

To me, this is like being the captain of a ship headed toward an iceberg of which you can see only the tip. If you were the captain, would you make your decisions based solely on what you can see? Or would you rather take advantage of a technology that can make the whole picture visible, and then act accordingly? Considering what’s beneath the surface, I believe we’d all choose the big picture every time! And that’s exactly what an unstructured data analytics tool like Cogito Semantic Technology does.

Using semantic analysis and natural language processing, Cogito guides you through data discovery to help you with predictive analysis. Ask your questions using your own words and see how Cogito supports you in defining your targets and topics, extracting the relevant data, relationships and patterns you need to make your decisions with confidence. Forget the complicated machine language queries that some unstructured analytics tools use that produce only generic results. With Cogito, you can embrace the simplicity of a tool that understands like people do, providing valuable insight, allowing you to take a deep dive into your unstructured data and transform it into actionable intelligence.