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What is a Cognitive API?

Expert.ai Team - 6 June 2017

As the ecosystem of more intelligent API-driven services continutes to grow, the interest of business owners for cognitive APIs is also increasing. In this post, we’ll take a look at how a cognitive API can benefit businesses. But first, let’s start with the basics: what is a cognitive API?

Cognitive API definition

We can describe a cognitive API or a cognitive computing API as a cognitive application toolkit that can be used to easily develop artificial intelligence and cognitive computing-based applications to generate business value from unstructured information.

The main advantage of a cognitive API is the opportunity to develop more powerful and intelligent applications without having to be an expert software developer. Typically, a cognitive API includes advanced artificial intelligence features (such as natural language processing, semantic technology and machine learning) to enable enterprises to drive innovation and transformation across their business.

What are cognitive services and what are some of their most important benefits

By providing AI capabilities, cognitive services help organizations improve business activities. This includes speeding up the implementation of powerful cognitive applications that accelerate innovation processes while ensuring cost reductions, greater efficiency and enhanced results simultaneously in core business areas such as customer support.

The Customer Support case
Cognitive services are transforming and innovating customer support. They are enabling the digital transformation of call centers into chatbot style customer service. A cognitive API can support the development of chatbot applications without forcing companies to develop anything from scratch. Through the API, companies can leverage the power of cognitive computing to understand the meaning of information and accurately process language across messaging platforms, smartphones or any mobile device. This allows companies that are looking to reduce operations costs while improving customer experience to easily and rapidly develop chatbot applications.

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