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Cairn.info Semantically Enriches its Social Sciences and Humanities Content with TEMIS

11 December 2014

Paris, France – December 11, 2014

– With Luxid® Content Enrichment Platform, Cairn.info automates the extraction of bibliographic references and the linking to corresponding articles

TEMIS, the leading provider of Semantic Content Enrichment solutions for the Enterprise, has announced today that it has signed a major license and services agreement with CAIRN.info, the publishing portal dedicated to social sciences and humanities (SSH). Cairn.info provides SSH students and researchers with a particularly rich collection of journals, magazines, encyclopedias in pocket format, as well as reference works and research publications.

To make its collection easier to navigate, and ahead of the introduction of an additional 20.000 books which will consolidate its role of reference SSH portal, Cairn.info decided to enhance the
interconnectedness of SSH publications with semantic enrichment. Indeed, the body of SSH articles often features embedded bibliographic references that don’t include actual links to the target
document. Cairn.info therefore chose to exploit the Luxid® Content Enrichment Platform, driven by a customized annotator (Skill Cartridge®), to automatically identify, extract, and normalize these bibliographic references and to link articles to the documents they refer to. The benefit for the reader is that Cairn.info’s collection will function as a smooth to navigate, finely meshed network of publications.

“We are aware that web users are increasingly demanding when it comes to finding what they need. TEMIS’ technology will enable us to improve the user experience substantially by offering more
crosslinks between the different types of content available on Cairn.info,” said Marc Minon, CEO, Cairn.info.

“TEMIS is delighted to welcome Cairn.info, a renowned publisher specialized in humanities and social sciences, among its customers. Given the opportunities for adding value to SSH content, I
believe this is the start of a long and fruitful collaboration between our two companies,” said Vincent Nibart, Sales Director – Publishing, TEMIS.

Based on patented and award-winning Natural Language Processing technologies, Luxid® exploits off-the-shelf extractors called Skill Cartridges® to extract targeted information from unstructured
content and semantically enrich it with domain-specific metadata. Luxid® enables professional publishers to efficiently package and deliver relevant information to their audience, and helps
enterprises to intelligently archive, manage, analyze, discover and share increasing volumes of information.

By automatically linking articles with their bibliographic references, Luxid® will facilitate Cairn.info’s processing of its entire archive, enable significant editorial productivity gains, and improve the user experience with rich, connected content, as well as its online visibility and referencing.