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Accelerating Media Categorization via IPTC Taxonomy at Ansa

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Due to the heavy volume of news and the speed at which information circulates, accurate and timely content sorting and categorization are of the utmost importance. In fact, the only way to keep up with current events and satisfy the needs of internal organizations is to have a classification system that isfast, uniform, complete and accurate (according to IPTC international standards). Ansa wanted a toolto improve information management, enabling them to better archive daily news and enhance theimage search in their online database.


By using expert.ai technology to automate the categorization of text, Ansa delivers precise classification of content to more than 1,200 standard IPTC categories and improves access to information for users.Ansa now benefits from faster and more accurate retrieval of images on the ANSA Foto portal. As a result, all content is accurately and uniformly categorized, enabling users to retrieve archived news content and photos through an intuitive, natural language search approach.


  • Categorizes 4,000 news releases daily
  • Automatically assigns content to 1,200 IPTC standard categories
  • Real-time, accurate content analysis
  • Reduces time and cost of information management activities

Expert.ai’s semantic platform continuously updates Ansa news archive and categorizes information in the most accurate and efficient way possible.