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Brand reputation analysis and online news monitoring

Brand reputation analysis and online news monitoring

l'argus presse

The Customer

Argus de la presse is a business intelligence company and a partner of communication and marketing professionals, providing them with solutions to manage their communication and strategic development. L’Argus de la presse is divided into 3 business units including Media Intelligence, Media & Publics Insights, and Market Intelligence.

The context

The advent of social networks and digitalization has forever transformed communication practices and professions. Today’s major challenge for communicators, press officers and digital marketers is to be able to effectively identify, examine and interact with key influencers. While the volume of content to be analyzed continually increases, they must also be highly responsive to mentions of their topics of interest (brands, competitors) in online media.

The customer challenge
To meet these challenges, Argus de la presse has designed LuQi, a 360° media intelligence suite for marketing and communication professionals. LuQi supports them by helping optimize their communication strategy through managing online reputation, monitoring news and analyzing the media presence of their company’s brands or of competitors, as well as identifying key media contacts and influencers and interacting with the public.

The expert.ai solution

Argus de la presse has chosen to integrate expert.ai technology, into its LuQi suite to transform brand-oriented media mentions and conversations into actionable structured and smart information.
Expert.ai automatically enriches content with metadata automatically extracted from documents and aligned with the enterprise taxonomy. Argus de la Presse manages its incoming content with MarkLogic®, a leading operational and transactional Enterprise NoSQL database platform. In this context, our technology is used to extract business information from unstructured content to feed the MarkLogic database. This enables users to create semantically enriched queries within MarkLogic’s integrated search engine and to easily analyze structured information for better insights that are critical to their activities.


  • Brand-oriented media mentions and conversations structuring into actionable structured and smart information.
  • Semantic-based insights on online media, blogs, social networks, press, TV and audio transcriptions contents.

We strongly believe that expert.ai’s powerful semantic content enrichment technology will bring high value to our offer, helping us with an ever growing content stream as well as opening up interesting possibilities to develop new innovative services.

Nicolas Jaunet, Marketing & Communication Manager, L’Argus de la Presse