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Innovative customer interaction management solution

Innovative customer interaction management solution


Vodafone, one of Europe’s leading mobile operators, selected expert.ai semantic technology to develop an innovative customer integration management solution for its SMS 190 application. Expert.ai supplies the semantic self-help backbone that provides a natural language interface for the over 250,000 requests that SMS 190 receives each month. Our technology automatically understands and categorizes the requests and retrieves content from the knowledge base to provide users with accurate responses. Today, over 80% of requests are handled via SMS 190.


  • Optimized customer care, combining both quality and cost control.
  • Reduced operating costs as a result of the efficient self-help solution.
  • 90% accuracy for automatic categorization of content.

The service has been very positively received by our customers. Since its inception, we are already handling more than half a million SMS requests each month. These results demonstrate the effectiveness of our multi-channel competence center, which is based on shared values, skills and strategies with partners, and innovation that drives the industry.