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Document tagging software to better manage tagging activities

15 April 2018

For any large knowledge repository to be useful, the information contained within it must be accessible. Cogito Discover applies semantic metadata enrichment to ensure that the valuable information in your knowledge base is findable and shareable across the organization.

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Cogito Discover document tagging features

Applied for document tagging, Cogito Discover manages the main text formats as well as major source types, and enables analysis of text from the most common relational databases or other applications.

Using automatic tagging, Discover normalizes content and generates a metadata map to improve the use of available information. It identifies the most significant elements such as relevant concepts or key phrases from a semantic point of view.

Depending on the context, a vertical series of elements can also be identified and extracted. Once the relevant information is extracted, the user can proceed with the standardization of output, a process known as normalization. Text normalization provides a consistent representation of entities in a text, allowing effective management of information in the data integration process.

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Easy Integration

Through the use of dedicated connectors, Cogito Discover auto tagging software can be adopted to acquire data from sources such as social media, news providers and document management systems already in use by the customer.