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Enterprise Data World 2019, Boston, MA March 17-22

Enterprise Data World 2019

Expert System is a Silver Sponsor at Dataversity’s Enterprise Data World 2019 in Boston, MA March 17-22.

Daniel Mayer, SVP Product Marketing is delivering a talk “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find what you are looking for? Combining NLP with Semantics to Drive Business Value” on Wednesday March 20th.  The session will take a deep dive into if finding corporate knowledge is a challenge, then it may be time to investigate natural language processing (NLP). Learn how to deploy an enterprise ready platform that can read and understand information the same way people do and automatically add contextually correct metadata.

During this session you will:

  • See a detailed demonstration on what makes natural language processing work.
  • Learn how to use NLP to automatically read and tag unstructured content.
  • Learn how natural language processing automatically creates contextually correct metadata.
  • See a live demonstration of an NLP platform.

To register for the event with 10% off – please visit http://content.dataversity.net/rs/656-WMW-918/images/ExpertSystem.html