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Enterprise risk management software

15 May 2018

Enterprise risk management today: any strategic decision must take into consideration the variety of internal and external risks that an organization faces. An enterprise risk management software is a valid ally for managing this complexity, assessing risk and mitigating the potential impact on your business.

To combat today’s diverse risk environment requires access to the potentially valuable information available in online and open source channels such as websites, community forums, social media, mobile apps and more. Tracking and identifying issues of relevance is a real challenge without the support of an effective enterprise risk management software.

Cogito Intelligence Platform (CIP) supports enterprise risk and compliance analysts in making the vast amount of content they acquire findable.  

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Cogito Intelligence Platform and enterprise risk management

Based on the Expert System software Cogito, CIP reads content, comprehends and learns like a human, applying the power of semantic understanding at scale. CIP is built for deep and wide analysis. Start with thousands of sources and millions of documents and it will narrow them down to the ones that matter in as few as three clicks.

Deploy Cogito Intelligence Platform to acquire and index large unstructured content datasets from any internal or external source to build risk profiles of current and potential vendors, suppliers or any third parties. Discover connections between different sources and provide multiple scenarios as data emerges, in different languages.

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CIP is a complete operational intelligence and risk management platform that offers immediate, actionable results through the full analysis of a wide variety of data channels and from terabytes of information. CIP offers a wide range of features such as: Advanced target definition, immediate identification of critical events via a Corporate Liability Taxonomy, automatic alerts, complete workflow management, easy source acquisition and rich discovery and visualization tools.