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Expert.ai Announces Launch of New Hybrid Natural Language Platform

22 June 2021

Along with Platform launch, expert.ai to host webinar featuring Research Principal Analyst Kjell Carlsson, PhD to explore the capabilities enterprises need to drive broader AI-based transformation

Following an early access program launched in March, expert.ai today announced the general availability of its Platform for designing, developing, testing, deploying and monitoring scalable natural language solutions.

Easy to deploy and operate, the cloud-based expert.ai Platform helps organizations accelerate, augment and expand expertise for any job or process that involves language. By turning any text-based document into structured data, the platform supports knowledge discovery, process automation and decision making with the flexibility to design best-in-class language models for any use case.

Why a Full Platform for Natural Language?
Artificial intelligence is critical to accelerating time to value and establishing a competitive advantage. According to Gartner*, “Enterprises must shift from tactical to strategic use of Natural Language to ensure greater portability of language assets and models. To solve key business challenges and deliver natural-language-enabled enterprises, application leaders must see NL solutions as a collective, fundamental whole.”

According to Forrester Research Principal Analyst Kjell Carlsson, PhD*, “The biggest recent advancements in AI have been in (deep) learning, which has opened up the world of unstructured data (vision, text, voice, logs, etc.) for analysis at scale, but what we really want is both learning and knowledge. Learning enables us to update and acquire new knowledge, and knowledge makes learning more efficient, governable, and valuable. What makes these new deep learning-infused semantic methods exciting is their potential to deliver both, dramatically expanding not just NLP, but all machine learning use-cases.”

Hybrid AI: The expert.ai Platform Advantage
The expert.ai Platform uses an exclusive hybrid AI approach honed from hundreds of real-world implementations. Comprehensive and easy to use, it combines symbolic AI and machine learning techniques to ensure the best possible accuracy for each individual use case with transparency of explainable AI.

“Language powers business so unlocking the value of data embedded in your day-to-day language is critical to success. With the launch of our platform, we enable, for the first time, the combination of different AI techniques to design and deploy practical applications,” said Luca Scagliarini, expert.ai CPO. “This revolutionary capability, together with the commitment to offer a simple user experience, open architecture, and the support of the full NLP workflow, will drive greater adoption and measurable benefits to any enterprise.”

To learn more about how enterprises are leveraging hybrid AI today and the capabilities they need to drive broader AI-based transformation, tune into the expert.ai webinar, “Hybrid AI: Unlock the Business Value of Text Data with Next-Generation NLU” featuring Forrester today at 11 am EDT.

*Gartner Research “2021 Strategic Roadmap for Enterprise AI: Natural Language Architecture”, Anthony Mullen, Magnus Revang , Stephen Emmott , Erick Brethenoux, Bern Elliot, Jessica Ekholm, December 15, 2020

*Kjell Carlsson as quoted in “Semantics Beats Syntax”, June 8, 2021, https://cacm.acm.org/news/253149-semantics-beats-syntax/fulltext

Hybrid AI: Unlock the Business Value of Text Data with Next-Generation NLU

Join expert.ai’s Chief Product Officer Luca Scagliarini and guest speaker, Forrester Principal Analyst Kjell Carlsson, PhD, for a discussion about how enterprises are leveraging hybrid AI.

Register today to join us at 11 am EDT/5 pm CEST on June 22.

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Expert.ai lancia la nuova piattaforma ibrida basata sulla comprensione del linguaggio naturale