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Expert.ai Announces Winners of the Natural Language & Text Analytics API Hackathon

16 March 2021

1,000 participants competed in the first ever hackathon leveraging the expert.ai knowledge graph and disambiguation via API to develop new apps that unlock the value of language with advanced artificial intelligence capabilities

Addressing enterprise-scale text analytics problems by unlocking the full business potential of data language. That’s the guiding principle behind the first ever hackathon from expert.ai, enabling an agile way to develop and scale natural language aware applications by using the expert.ai NL API.

The hackathon, which ran on the devpost platform from January 10 to February 22, 2021 with 5 prizes awarded, hosted an AI software engineering community of 1,000 developers worldwide. Participants were tasked with creating or enhancing an existing app by embedding natural language processing, word meaning disambiguation and sentiment analysis capabilities from the expert.ai NL API. Judges based project evaluations on three main criteria: creativity and uniqueness, integration with the expert.ai NL API and implementation quality, impact and potential value to users.

Expert.ai Natural Language & Text Analytics API Hackathon Winners:

  • First place ($5,000): Peer Reviewers App which leverages the expert.ai NL API to extract key phrases to perform document similarity to help recommend peer reviewers for academic and scholarly journals and articles. Papers’ topics and main sentences are used to build an intelligent query to retrieve the best matching document from a document store built using Azure Cognitive Search
  • Second place ($2,500): Legal Expert. Inspired by a real legal case, the app enables a complete analysis and summarization of legal documents, streamlining entity extraction (people, companies, and much more.)
  • Third place ($1,000): Markup Expert helps you generate structure-data markup by analyzing the content of webpages, e.g. blog entries and articles, to suggest Schema.org (which is supported by major search engines including Google, Bing, Yandex and Yahoo!) markups that can be added to your website.
  • 1st honorable mention ($500): Timeless AI. How many times do you find yourself skipping through a YouTube timeline trying to find a specific part of a long video or tutorial? This app provides a seamless learning experience by reducing time and hassles in finding specific pieces of information in videos.
  • 2nd honorable mention ($500): AI Tutor. Covid-19 has severely disrupted education, and there is a need for solutions supporting the learning experience. Designed for students. This app automatically generates questions for any content, and students can explore areas and subjects they need to improve as well as related content of interest.
  • 3nd honorable mention ($500): Business Card Wallet scans business cards and add it to an app wallet. App users can make calls or send email from there; additionally, they can export contacts to their phones, and easily find name, company, title/job, address, email, etc.

“The number and variety of submissions to the expert.ai NL API hackathon is remarkable,” said Marco Varone, Chief Technology Officer at expert.ai. “We have long believed in the power of our natural language and to see how developers and students are adopting our technology to create new and better solutions is an exciting moment.”

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