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Expert.ai Offers Benefits of AI for HVAC&R Industry

Interviewed by Jacques Gandini, managing director of Studio Gandini (Italy)
The heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC&R) market has accelerated enormously in recent years, and 5 to 20% average growth is expected annually over the next few years. This is driven in part by the incentives for green technologies in support of low energy or nearly zero energy buildings (nZEB) and the greater overall focus on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Achieving this growth will require companies to make two key shifts. First, they will need to adopt increasingly innovative and high-performance technology solutions. Second, they will need to be able to extract the value of the huge amount of natural language data they manage such as phone calls, e-mail messages, etc. This information can support key business strategy areas and improve critical processes such as customer service activities by reducing operating times and costs.

In this context, Jacques Gandini, managing director of Studio Gandini in Italy, interviewed Alessandro Monico, vice president of Italy Sales, Corporate Division of expert.ai, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) company focused on language understanding, to explore the opportunities and advanced
tools that AI offers for helping HVAC&R companies quickly and accurately analyze the data contained in reports, e-mails, service requests, technical manuals, and internal documentation.