Platform Early Access Program Launched

31 March 2021

Design, development, testing, deployment and monitoring of scalable natural language-based solutions announced today an early access program for its new hybrid natural language (NL) artificial intelligence (AI) Platform providing flexible workflows and out of the box tools to turn any document, text, or communication into structured data that supports knowledge discovery, process automation and decision making.

The proliferation, variety and complexity of unstructured data (often in the form of language) requires advancements towards more effective AI approaches to generate value and solve real-world business problems at enterprise scale. From complex documents to social streams, the hybrid NL Platform provides all the tools needed to obtain a deep understanding of language data to enable organizations to evolve their AI journey from tactical to strategic use of advanced NL solutions – extending expertise across every role and process that involve language understanding.

“Our new platform will be the standard for the development of custom NLP/NLU solutions thanks to the integration of the best-in-class language understanding technology with a complete, simple and powerful authoring environment”, said Marco Varone, chief technology officer at “The platform features and functionalities have been designed leveraging the huge amount of experience and best practices honed from hundreds of real-world implementations deployed by during the years, to continue enabling our customers and partners to achieve what they need, successfully tackling and scaling their NL projects.”

The Platform early access program is intended to give enterprises and channel partners the chance to preview the benefits of the hybrid NL approach integrating symbolic AI with machine learning/deep learning techniques to address the entire life cycle of natural language understanding (NLU) challenges and ensure optimal performance in any use case.

By offering a curated set of algorithms and techniques and all the functionality, tools and workflows necessary to design, develop, test and manage new applications, the Platform streamlines and improves performance at any step of the NLU workflow, from data ingestion and cleaning to language model tuning and development. Users can find both established and innovative AI capabilities to solve complex problems and address unique use cases. At the same time, the implementation of new solutions can be accelerated without the need to be expert. With the hybrid NL Platform, any unstructured document can effectively be processed and turned into knowledge and insight for faster, better decisions—the way an expert would. Platform Early Access Program Launched

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Early Access Program
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