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How to simplify NLP application development with expert.ai Studio IDE and Edge NL API

The benefits of being able to leverage the value of language and text content has become evident in most industries. Developers, data scientists and knowledge engineers are being tasked with building advanced natural language processing (NLP) applications, but the complexity, lack of practical tools and costs make it difficult to turn their projects into reality.

In this webinar, we will introduce our low code development environment using the expert.ai Studio intelliJ plug-in and the Edge version of expert.ai NL APIs. These solutions provide an easy way to test expert.ai’s unique natural language understanding (NLU) functionalities on use case specific requirements and to build cutting-edge applications requiring the highest level of speed and security. Register Now

Please join our AI experts Filiberto Emanuele and Lorenzo Musetti on Wednesday, Dec. 9, at 10 am EST, to:

  • See a live product demo of the expert.ai Studio IntelliJ plug-in and the Edge version of the expert.ai NL API
  • Learn, through concrete examples, how advanced natural language capabilities help to address complex real-world use cases
  • Discover how an advanced low code development environment can help in building accurate language models to address even the most complex use cases
  • Understand the efficiencies and flexibility of running customized NL APIs on an edge architecture