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Expert System Expansion Plan Continues

1 May 2006

May 02, 2006

Expert System S.p.A., a leader in linguistic technologies for more than 10 years, announces the development of new versions of its application for the management of unstructured information for the international market. With the development of COGITO® for the English language and the initial development of the German language and with an increased presence in Europe, the company has defined the first steps of its international expansion.

“The strengthening of COGITO® for the English language opens up significant opportunities for Expert System in the European market” says Luca Scagliarini, VP for the international and strategic development of the company. “With a direct commercial presence in Munich, Germany we will begin to expand outside the Italian borders. These first contacts will help to penetrate the Western European market which has already begun to show an increasing interest for the growing market of Semantic Intelligence, not only from potential customers but also from resellers and system integrators. Concrete proof of this is the new partnerships that are already developing and the high level of attention generated by our innovative approach to manage unstructured information.”

Together with the new commercial presence in Munich, Expert System S.p.A. has inaugurated the headquarters of Cogito s.r.l., a new company that takes its name from Expert System’s proprietary linguistic platform. The new offices are located in Trentino in northeast Italy at the BIC of Rovereto, a prestigious complex developed to support small and mid-size companies investing in innovation, and are a sign of Expert System’s commitment to develop the solution in other languages, beginning with German.

“Taking advantage of the natural bilingualism of the region, Cogito will first be committed to expanding the technology in German in addition to a significant refining of the current versions” adds Stefano Spaggiari, CEO of Expert System S.p.A. and of Cogito s.r.l. “We wanted first to open up to the German speaking countries and then expand to other languages in the future. Cogito s.r.l. will become a reference and starting point for our international expansion strategy and for the technological development of our linguistic platform” adds Spaggiari. “In addition, our new company is a beneficiary of the investments made by the Trento province government which support innovation and technology research to increase the efficiency and modernization of the regional economic system.”

These new activities are just the first steps of Expert System’s plan for international growth and strengthening of our competitive positioning which will bring a significant increase in our revenue in the next few years.