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HITS Hollywood Innovation and Technology Summit, Los Angeles, May 23

Expert System is proud to be a Gold Sponsor at HITS Hollywood Innovation and Technology Summit May 23rd in Los Angeles, CA.  Each year HITS brings together industry leaders and technology vendors for a day of learning and insights.  This years’ program will focus on “Tech Takes Talent” and will explore the latest technology trends in the context of our community’s primary challenge — putting the right people in place to design, build and operate the new digital Hollywood machinery.

This year’s HITS Spring program will address how companies are luring the best recruits, while holding onto their own best talent. How are entrepreneurial executives turning buyouts into business opportunities and innovating their business culture during the transformation? How are business units embracing adoption of SaaS, PaaS and increasingly informative data across multiple workflows, to realize their executives’ and team’s potential? What is the real business impact of diversity and inclusion from both an internal HR perspective but also in how products are created, marketed, delivered and positioned?

For more information about the event and to register please visit: https://www.mesalliance.org/conferences/hits-spring-2019/?page=program