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How Robotic Process Automation Combines with Text Analytics to Streamline Document-Centric Use Cases

June 26, 2019 4-5 pm CEST / 10-11 am EDT

Put Natural Language Understanding to work in RPA to open up many more opportunities for automation, including knowledge-based tasks once reserved only for human

The collaboration between Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation is a hot topic in the enterprise. Processes in finance and accounting, contact centers and line of business departments in different industries, including banks and insurances, can benefit from combining these advancing technologies to achieve higher levels of accuracy and extend business automation to new areas and tasks.

In our webinar How Robotic Process Automation Combines with Text Analytics to Streamline Document-Centric Use Cases, guest speaker Craig Le Clair, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, and Leonardo Piva, VP of Sales – Business Development Europe at Expert System, will explore how Natural Language Understanding can be instrumental in making information-intensive processes more efficient and cost effective. With a specific focus on the advantages for Intelligent Robotic Process Automation, we will discuss with Jason Cullabine, Senior Solutions Consultant at Blue Prism, about real use cases and effective benefits of NLU applied to RPA.


Guest Speaker: Craig Le Clair
Craig is Vice President, principal analyst at Forrester Research, serving infrastructure & operations professionals. His technology coverage areas include robotic process automation and the emerging digital workforce, AI solutions in financial services, and potential workforce disruption due to these technologies.



Expert System Speaker: Leonardo Piva
Leonardo Piva is Vice President of Sales and leads the Expert System Business Development in the European Market.




Guest Speaker: Jason Cullabine
Jason Cullabine is a Senior Solutions Consultant at Blue Prism. He has extensive experience across RPA, BPM and low code and how these technologies, in combination with ML and AI, can be leveraged to deliver maximum business value.



Join us on Wednesday, June 26 at 4 pm CEST – 10 am EDT for our webinar. We’ll walk through an overview of how NLU adds value to RPA projects:

  • RPA in perspective and how RPA and NLU work together
  • Why and how language understanding empowers RPA
  • Proven use cases driving value, and what the future holds for NLU-based intelligent RPA