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C4E – Crowd for the Environment: Monitoraggio degli sversamenti illegali attraverso l’impiego sinergico di tecnologie avanzate e delle segnalazioni spontanee del cittadino.

The project aims at developing innovative technologies for the treatment of heterogeneous and incomplete information sources as well as their integration into current monitoring processes of environmental criticalities of anthropogenic origin with the aim of improve their effectiveness without significantly aggravating public spending. In particular, sources of information such as remote sensing images, sensor networks, and spontaneous alerts provided by citizens on social networks and/or dedicated web portals will be considered. Today, these sources of information are not sufficiently considered by many institutional actors, primarily for technological reasons, but also for cultural and regulatory reasons. The project proposes both to fill a technological gap and the demonstration of the effectiveness of the approach in a relevant application scenario related to the monitoring of illegal landfills and spills. www.ponricerca.gov.it

Period: 01/03/2019 – 31/08/2021

Type of Funding: PON – MISE, Fondo Crescita Sostenibile – PON FCS, DM 1 GIUGNO 2016 “Horizon 2020– PON 2014/2020”. Research – ID programme –  ARS01_0092