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Sistema Innovativo di Controllo Urbano per Ridurre l’Illegalità

The objective of the project ‘SICURI – Innovative Urban Control System to Reduce Illegality’ is the creation of an innovative platform capable of acquiring various heterogeneous information, in multiple contexts (texts, images and videos), and then analysing them and identifying, by means of sophisticated artificial intelligence systems, indicators of dangerousness.

This solution can be used in various operational scenarios, enhancing command and control capabilities in military and urban security, performing an ‘Information Superiority’ analysis that represents a force multiplier, a key element for gaining an advantageous position. In fact, thanks to the information-gathering process, it will be possible to acquire ‘Shared Situational Awareness’: the human and technological resources available will then be used to collect relevant data and accurately communicate them to the top of the chain of command, and then disseminate them to the forces in the field in the most appropriate and effective way.

Type of FundingPOR FESR Lazio 2021-2027 – Obiettivo specifico 1.I -– Avviso Pubblico “Riposizionamento competitivo RSI” approvato con DE n. G18823 del 28/12/2022. Ambito 3