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Natural Language API and SDK: Practical Live Demos

The growing need for accessible and accurate AI-based NLU / NLP applications in the enterprise places increased demand on the developer ecosystem to bring speed, scale and precision to linguistic analysis.

Expert System announced few months ago the release of the expert.ai NL API, a cloud-based Natural Language API that enables data scientists, computational linguists, knowledge engineers and developers to easily embed advanced Natural Language Understanding and Natural Language Processing capabilities (NLU / NLP) into their applications.

The expert.ai NL API provides high-quality, deep and accurate outcomes from linguistic analysis of any kind of document to help users reduce the overall project’s development time and minimize efforts and resources when approaching NL enterprise problems.


Expert System’s speakers:

  • Andrea Belli, Director R&D
  • Luisa Herrmann-Nowosielski, Head of Product Management


Join us on Wednesday, October 07 at 11 a.m. EDT to:

  • See a live demo of the Developer Portal and the API and learn about possible use cases
  • Learn about the SDK and see a live demo
  • Gain a sneak peek into the product roadmap
  • Q&A with the Experts