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PYTHIA (Predictive methodology for Technology Intelligence Analysis)

The PYTHIA (Predictive methodologY for TecHnology Intelligence Analysis) research project – funded by European Defence Agency, and aimed to devise an innovative methodology for strategic technology foresight, able to deliver frequent “predictions” on technology-related matters – was launched on 14th and 15th March in Brussels.

The PYTHIA consortium’s work will be based on the following activities:

  1. Review of the current methodologies for technology forecasting;
  2. Development of a new methodology, based on big data analytics techniques;
  3. Study of the cognitive factors that might affect analysts’ ability to perform technology forecasts;
  4. Assessment of the impact of future technology trends on national/EU defence planning;
  5. Organisation of workshops involving representatives of different sectors of the EU and extra-EU civil and defence

In a brief, PYTHIA is:

  • Consortium of 8 partners from 6 different European countries
  • The participant organisations represent Ministries of Defence, Technology providers, Integrators
  • Stakeholder Group composed of 24 external stakeholders from 14 countries

Consortium of 8 partners:

PYTHIA is led by the consortium of 8 partners:

  • Engineering (Italy),
  • Zanasi & Partners (Italy),
  • Expert System (France),
  • Hawk Associates Ltd (United Kingdom),
  • Military University of Technology (Poland,)
  • Fondazione ICSA (Intelligence Culture And Strategic Analysis) (Italy),
  • Romanian National Defense University, Carol I° (NDU),
  • Bulgarian Defence Institute “Professor Tsvetan Lazarov” (BDI).

Each partner brings to PYTHIA project its expertise in a particular field, its network and its willingness to succeed.

1st workshop

On 4th July, PYTHIA project moved forward with the 1st Workshop that was held in Sofia, Bulgaria.

This workshop brought together all consortium partners as well as external national experts joined the workshops to provide their expertise in field of data analysis and technology forecast.

The goal of this workshop was to present and discuss with invited stakeholders the initial achievements in the development of an innovative methodology for performing strategic technology foresight in the defence domain.

The main focus was made on information sources and data collection in the process of developing of strategic technology foresight methodology.

The participants were invited to share their experiences in data analysis and technology forecasts from their daily work. Best practices were discussed together with end-user requirements, operational inputs and information sources used, in the attempt to identify the most relevant data and technology-related information (such as technology patents, scientific publications, prototype descriptions, disseminated marketing communications and press releases, industry production & sales public reports, social media, etc.)

Next workshop will be held in Paris, on 11th October. To know more about it, follow us on





 PYTHIA (Predictive methodologY for TecHnology Intelligence Analysis)  has received funding from the European Union’s Preparatory Action on Defence Research under grant agreement No 800893.

 The information contained in this document reflects only the author’s view and the European Defence Agency is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains

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