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Radar Networks Chooses Expert System

5 February 2008

Radar Networks has selected Expert System, 2-6-2008

Expert System the leading provider of semantic software that discovers, classifies and interprets text information, has signed an agreement to license its technology to Radar Networks, the pioneer of semantic based technology based in San Francisco, CA. Founded by  Nova Spivack in 2003 and financed by Leapfrog Ventures and Vulcan Capital (the venture capital firm led by Paul Allen, Microsoft’s Co-founder), Radar Networks announced at the 4th edition of “Web 2.0 Summit,” the most important event dedicated to the new Web-related technologies and products, the launch of Twine, the first new Web service based on semantic technology.


“We call this ‘knowledge networking’,” said Radar Networks Founder and CEO Nova Spivack. “It’s the next evolution of collective intelligence on the Web. Unlike social networking and community tools, Twine is not just about who you know, it’s about what you know. Twine is the ultimate tool for gathering and sharing knowledge on the Web. Cogito®, the semantic technology of Expert System, is embedded in Twine, providing natural language processing for any documents or other text items added to the site.


“Our technology is the only one of its kind in the world,” maintains Stefano Spaggiari, Expert System CEO, “and this is why it is not a surprise that Radar Networks had reached over Silicon Valley’s boundaries to Expert System. This is an additional confirmation of the enormous potential of our semantic platform.”


In between Google and Facebook, with a little bit of deli.cio.us, Twine is the ideal knowledge network for those who have a need for organizing and sharing Web-based knowledge in an effective, productive, and organized way….in other words: in an intelligent way. Twine allows each user to make use of Web-based information in a unique and targeted way and to contemporaneously share one’s knowledge with friends, colleagues, etc.


Cogito, Expert System’s semantic technology, enables Twine to automatically identify and extract the most relevant concepts embedded in the text, independently from the form used to express these concepts. The content added to Twine is automatically analyzed and organized by topic. Once concepts (not just keywords) are identified, tags are automatically generated and assigned to each piece of content, helping users immediately identify the relevant topics of a text and streamlining the navigation.


“Recently, there has been much talk about semantics, Web 2.0, and Web 3.0,” explains Marco Varone, Expert System’s CTO. “The truth is that tools like Google and Yahoo! have no clue about what the user is searching for, and work effectively only for keyword searches. Semantics can instead reproduce a form of comprehension and, for instance, understand that John F. Kennedy is both an airport and a person; likewise, the technology is able to account for the fact that New York and the “Big Apple” are synonymous. Although this is a basic task for us humans, for a machine it is an extraordinary goal, impossible to reach by means of other technologies.”


Radar Networks
Radar Networks was founded in 2003, by Nova Spivack. The company has worked for several years on a proprietary new core technology for the next-generation of the Web. Radar Networks is building technology for enriching content that will catalyze the evolution of a new dimension of the Web. This new dimension is the next frontier in search, advertising, content distribution and commerce. Headquartered in San Francisco, the company anticipates releasing its first commercial products in 2007.