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50 Years of The Rolling Stones Analyzed By Semantics

On the occasion of the anniversary of The Rolling Stones’ self-titled first album released in the United Kingdom on April 16, 1964, Expert System, the semantic technology company, used its technology to analyze 50 years worth of the band’s songs from the point of view of language. The analysis looks at 344 tracks, from the band’s first album until today, to trace the use of words and emotions present in the lyrics.

Throughout each decade of the band’s music, love and desire are always present, and most often are the predominant emotions communicated. Sadness and hope occasionally appear, (especially in the 60s), as well as joy and fear (especially in the 70s), and anxiety and violence. The 90s seems to portray a darker mood, but also conveys spirituality. In the most recent period (during which only eight songs were produced), feelings of confidence and confusion, as well as suffering and debauchery are conveyed.

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