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AI-Powered Scientific & Competitive Insights: A Case Study in Oncology

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We are excited to be partnered with the Paris Saclay Cancer Cluster to invite you to watch this webinar focusing on “AI-Powered Scientific & Competitive Insights: A Case Study in Oncology“.

Over the last few years, AI has made significant advancements in understanding language in context, providing new ways for teams to manage information overload and access valuable therapeutic and clinical insights. However, a breadth and depth of domain expertise remains critical to train, structure, and validate AI models and software solutions dealing with specialized oncology content. Equally important is the flexibility in choosing, and knowing, the most appropriate AI techniques to successfully address problems and deliver business value.

Join us as the team from the Paris Saclay Cancer Cluster and expert.ai showcase how to develop and put to use scientific & competitive insights from oncology published literature, clinical trials, and other biomedical sources. We will focus on a real-world example in oncology, demonstrating how our solutions can help you derive meaningful insights and stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

Watch this tailored webinar for biotech companies, labs and startups, clinicians, innovation teams who are interested in leveraging AI to gain valuable insights in the field of oncology.