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Deploying LLMs, GPT, and Hybrid AI: Mitigating Risk and Increasing Business Value

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Listen to expert.ai CEO Walt Mayo and Alan Packer, expert.ai board member and former Director of Engineering for Amazon’s Alexa Natural Language Understanding (NLU) team, discuss how foundational large language models (LLM), such as GPT-4, are evolving at a rapid pace and represent a significant AI advancement that businesses can safely leverage to address language-driven use cases.  

In this webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • What approaches and models to consider safe and cost-effective
  • How survey results from 300 business, technical and academic natural language AI experts may influence how you view LLMs in the enterprise 
  • Real-world use cases that illustrate how you can use a Hybrid AI approach (ML + LLM + Symbolic) to leverage language assets  
  • Why semantic understanding, human intelligence, and domain and process knowledge are still crucial to solve NLP problems. 

Speakers: Walt Mayo and Alan Packer
Moderator: Bill Betcher