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How the Expert.ai Platform Impacts Your Approach to NL

What Is Hybrid Natural Language Understanding?

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You need every advantage you can get when it comes to turning language into data. You also need the advantage of scale. Traditional approaches to natural language — machine learning and symbolic — continue to fall short in various areas, limiting your capabilities and the success of your initiatives.

Though machine learning and symbolic approaches have long been viewed in opposition to one another, together they form a powerful hybrid approach that enables new capabilities you were previously unable to achieve. This hybrid approach is the key driver behind the expert.ai Platform.

In this white paper, we dive deep into the capabilities of the expert.ai Platform and the core areas it can impact for you when developing your own language model. Learn everything you need to know about the Platform to find NLP success, including:

  • The core functionalities enabled by a hybrid approach at the pipeline, work process and technology levels
  • How a hybrid approach can enable greater scale than machine learning and symbolic approaches individually
  • How to transform the black box ML approach into a fully explainable and extensible model
  • Techniques for speeding up training with fewer examples and less training time