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Christophe Aubry presents on the Ai4 Cross-Industry Track: Increase ROI with explainable AI

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Few organizations realize that 80% of their most critical data can’t be utilized by business applications because it’s unstructured (e.g., contracts, news stories, emails, voice of customer, scientific literature, patient data, claims etc.). But the missing piece of the puzzle actually exists in the form of natural language understanding (NLU), a subset of AI that extracts meaning from documents using organizational and linguistic knowledge. The outcome is an application that is both knowledgeable and explainable. It delivers effective search and analytics, accelerates business processes, and enables professionals to focus on the highest added-value parts of their mission. Discover why leading organizations have made NLP a priority and how they are using it to build knowledgeable applications for search, discovery, analytics, and process automation.

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