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Innovation in Space Begins with NLP

The NLP community has been producing question answering and natural language generation, including question generation, systems for years. However, this is the first time ever that modern technologies in these areas have been applied in the Space domain, as a result of the collaboration between the European Space Agency (ESA) and expert.ai.

In this livestream, José Manuel Gómez Pérez focuses on Science and engineering in Space and how NLP/U technologies are proving to be both novel and impactful. Tune in to learn about SpaceQA and SpaceQQuiz.

SpaceQA: There is life beyond keyword-based search.

When we need information, almost unconsciously we open our favorite search engine, Google, Bing, etc., and type some keywords in the hope that the relevant documents will appear at the top of the rank.  What if instead of typing keywords we can also formulate questions? What if the system not only retrieves the documents matching my question, but also extracts the right answer from them? That is exactly what SpaceQA does.

SpaceQQuiz: Automatic quiz generation for quality management

SpaceQQuiz automatically generates quizzes with questions such as: Who can issue a supplier waiver? What is mandatory for the closure of a problem report? What are minor conformances?  The goal of SpaceQQuiz is to generate questions that can be answered given a document, which is very useful e.g. to assist in producing quizzes as per quality management evaluation

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