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Large Language Models: Opportunity, Risk and Paths Forward

large language models report

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In recent years, large language models (LLMs) such as GPT-3, BERT and T5 have demonstrated remarkable capabilities in natural language processing, transforming the way we interact with language. The release of ChatGPT just six months ago created an easy way for people to experience the power of generative AI and LLMs firsthand. Business and technical executives at organizations large and small are working to quickly determine the most beneficial way to leverage this new age of language-driven AI.

However, along with these opportunities, there are also major concerns related to potential biases, misuse of language models for malicious purposes, unapproved disclosure and use of proprietary information and, last but not least, a lack of truthfulness. This “Large Language Models: Opportunity, Risk and Paths Forward” report summarizes survey results from 300 business, technical and academic natural language AI experts. The goal is to explore potential opportunities and risks associated with LLMs and to provide recommendations for a path forward that enterprises can use in their development and deployment of Large Language Models.