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Outperform Your Competition By Fueling Your Information Business with AI

outperform competition

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We live in the information age where the saturation and fragmentation of today’s information sources pose an increased threat of commoditization to the content ecosystem. Information providers find themselves looking for new ways to make their content more efficient, manageable and personalized in order to stand out to end users and maintain a viable business.

The solution that information providers continue to turn to is artificial intelligence. With AI fueling their core content processes, organizations are realizing efficiencies that they can benefit from internally, as well as pass on to their end users.

Outsell CTO Jim King and SAGE Publishing Content Analyst Ed Moore discuss their own experiences in this on-demand webinar and explain:

  • Why information providers are turning to AI as a competitive differentiator
  • How natural language processing (NLP) technology can increase content discoverability, drive innovative productization and improve workflow productivity
  • How the SAGE Recommends AI-based engine improved content discoverability for internal and external stakeholders