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Podcast with Walt Mayo on The Future of Artificial Intelligence and its Relationship with NLP & API

Attitudes towards artificial intelligence (AI) have greatly shifted over the past 18 months. No longer a piece of technology that purely inspires star-struck awe and wonder, AI is now under the spotlight for the challenges and complexities it – and its accompanying applications and deployment methods – brings.

Joining us to discuss the matter is Walt Mayo, CEO at expert.ai. In this podcast, Walt goes into detail about the current state of AI, before drawing attention to the business benefits of a much spoken about AI application: natural language processing (NLP). He then explores the key considerations organizations must note when deploying NLP and its partner in crime natural language understanding (NLU). To end, Walt shares his thoughts on where he feels NLP/NLU is primed to make the biggest impact and sheds light on what expert.ai is doing to make the applications ubiquitous at the enterprise level.


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