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The 2023 NLP Survey Report

NLP Survey Report

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For companies that have been employing NLP solutions for several years, the most compelling arguments for the technology are improvements in efficiency, reducing risk and, above all, cost reduction. AI has become embedded in their business models, and NLP is allowing them to create new opportunities. 

At expert.ai, we have 30 years of experience in developing natural language solutions. Our natural language understanding (NLU) platform offers NLP value to all types of organizations, from those just beginning to investigate the possibilities of NLP to experienced users with multiple solutions in production across the business. 

This report reveals:

  • NLP usage: Current and predicted deployment 
  • Top 3 Challenges by NLP Maturity Level 
  • The most popular methodologies
  • Reasons for selecting NLP software 
  • How return on investment is measured