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SKILup Days: MLOps & AIOps – October 15th, 2020

Enterprise organizations continue to embed more and more machine learning and artificial intelligence into their enterprise applications. As these technologies have become more pervasive, so too have the practice areas of MLOps and AIOps.

On October 15th, expert.ai, will participate in a SKILup Day conference, brought to you by the DevOps Institute. With a focus on “how to” topics, SKILup Days examine a specific industry practice under a microscope and highlight perspectives from the people, process and technology aspects of IT.

At 3 pm EDT, expert.ai NA CTO Antonio Linari will present “Cloud Native On The Edge” where he walks us through how an AI semantic search engine (based on concepts instead of keywords) can run on a full stack application while deployed on a mix of Raspberry Pi and Nvidia Jetson/Javier on top of Docker Swarm and OpenFaaS (Function as a Service).