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Social Truth, a research project that aims to detect and prevent fake news

Social media represent the easiest and faster way to be connected instantly all over the world. Digital content is even more created and broadcasted and is available in every moment and in a very short slot of time. This means that a massive amount of information is published and shared most of the time without any control. In some contexts, fake news can be harmful and dangerous and can lead to dramatic event. The Social truth project aims to detect and prevent fake news and all the consequences related with them.

Expert System is part of a Consortium that is elaborating an intuitive solution to create an open, democratic, pluralistic and distributed ecosystem that allows easy access to various verification services, ensuring scalability and establishing trust in a completely decentralized environment. Expert System will provide a tool capable of analyzing semantic and textual content and developing a meta-verification system on story classification and ranking. The Artificial Intelligence company will provide accurate information and relevant elements of comparison to other members of the consortium, playing a crucial role in the detection of possible fake news.

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