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Today, artificial intelligence (AI) represents an opportunity for corporate legal departments,law firms or attorneys to beleaders in efficiency, cost-effectiveness and productivity. 

Through natural language understanding driven by AI, we augment legal experts’ ability to read and understand thousands of regulatory documents (e.g., interrogation reports, decrees, contracts, ordinances, annotations, etc.), process them, then precisely extract relevant information in a timely and accurate manner.

This enables automation of several common processes carried out by corporate legal departments or law firms, enabling legal experts to maximize access to data archives, support investigations or litigations via intuitive analysis and provide timely responses to customer inquiries. 

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Expert.ai Solutions

Legal Research

Retrieve all relevant content through a single platform by accessing the troves of information available online or in legal repositories.


Organize and analyze large and diverse data sets for e-discovery and identify previously unknown connections within the data relevant to the context of your investigation or litigation.

Contract Review

Review and revise contracts prior to advising clients by extracting key information. Compare any contract against a gold-standard version to identify differences in provisions or clauses.

Document Automation

Identify key information within documents and contracts and use them to compile other types of legal documents.

Legal Advice

Provide customers and internal employees with access to smart legal advice, documents and immediate answers to specific queries via intelligent chatbots.

Legal Analytics

Bring order to vast and growing amounts of data to derive valuable insights that support key strategic decisions and predictions throughout the litigation process.