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Webinar: Are you Ready? Reshaping Insurance with Artificial Intelligence, June 22, 2018

The transformation of the insurance industry is accelerating thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI). With combined ratios exceeding 98% in P&C and Health for three of the past five years and investment yields declining throughout the same period, insurers have been wondering “What can we change in our operations to improve our economics?”

Thankfully, customer engagement, risk management and claims handling for example are now being successfully transformed by AI technologies such as speech, image and text analytics.

In this webinar, guest speaker Gordon Barnett, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, and Daniel Mayer, CMO and SVP Products, Expert System Enterprise, explore the trends driving the adoption of AI by insurers with a particular focus on the impact of Textual AI for claims.

Download the Expert System presentation and webinar recording here


Guest Speaker: Gordon Barnett
Gordon is a principal analyst serving CIO professionals. He is a recognized expert in helping companies use enterprise architecture, strategy, governance, and organizational design to address their current and future business challenges in the age of the customer.



Expert System’s Speaker: Daniel Mayer
As SVP Products and CMO, Expert System Enterprise, Daniel is responsible for shaping and promoting the Cogito product range and its roadmap, with a particular focus on data-intensive industries such as Insurance.


In this webinar we learn:

  • Where Insurers stand in their adoption of the different flavors of AI
  • Why Textual AI (also called text analytics) is a great match for insurance
  • How it can be applied to claims handling for significant productivity gains