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Expert.ai Wrapped: The Rise of the Community

Expert.ai Team - 23 December 2021

The past year at expert.ai has been marked by quite a few milestones. We closed several new deals, earned numerous awards and, of course, launched the expert.ai Platform. The cherry on top of all these milestones is the launch of our natural language user community.

The Community is our very own space for artificial intelligence and natural language enthusiasts to collaborate with and learn from likeminded individuals. One of the best ways to foster conversation within the community is through content.

We covered a broad range of topics this year in the Community. What resonated best with the members? Let’s examine the top posts from 2021.


A Semantics-Based Approach to Effective Email Management

Is there anything more relatable than dealing with a cluttered email inbox? Whether at home or at work, no one wants to spend time sorting through dozens, or even hundreds, of emails and prioritizing them accordingly. We provided a tutorial on how to build your own email management system, complete with code to get started.


Visualizing What Docs Are Really About with expert.ai

Anyone who has worked with textual datasets understands how challenging it is to retrieve the most important information from it while avoiding noise or redundancy. Here, we provide a tutorial on how to extract key information from text using the NL API Python SDK.


A Simple NLP Application for Ambiguity Resolution

Ambiguity is one of the biggest challenges in NLP. Words change meaning over time and can and often mean different things in different situations or domains. In this tutorial, we provide guidelines for resolving ambiguity in PoS tagging and semantic tagging, using expert.ai technology.


A Quick Word on Hybrid AI in Natural Language Processing: The New Approach to Machine Learning Applied to Text Analysis

Hybrid AI and NL is completely revolutionizing the way we solve linguistic challenges by leveraging the best of both machine learning and symbolic AI. We took the chance to explain our approach towards hybrid from both development and workflow points of view.


NLP Features That Are Criminally Overlooked: The Case for SAO

Categorization and extraction are the two most-used features of natural language processing solutions. While the conversation often starts and stops with them, we wanted to break down an oft-overlooked feature in SAO (Subject-Action-Object).



These pieces of content are just a sampling of the many topics discussed in the Community over the course of 2021. Join the conversation and start expanding your natural language knowledge and expertise. With the help of the Community, anyone can become an NL expert.