Are you ready for real-time data analysis? Team - 29 October 2013

If you want to get an idea of all the tweets exchanged around the world, check out the live, global dashboard of Tweetping. After the initial dizziness from seeing this bird’s eye view of the global scale of Twitter activity, you can scan the hashtags and other visual effects that make up this interesting interface. It’s not surprising where the most tweets come from, as highlighted like stars in the sky (even if it is surprising to see so much activity in Indonesia, for example!).

In addition to the many possible geo-social considerations, the incessant production of tweets can raise a lot of questions (and inevitably concerns) for any business. How could apply the precise, real-time analysis of data to my business? Or perhaps a better question is, how long can I ignore it before my business is affected?

This can result in serious consequences if competitors are already making the most of such information, or if market shifts—captured too late by your BI tools—are already negatively impacting the business. Equipped with tools that allow in-depth and timely analysis with this information, defining a strategy is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

So, for the executives confronting the issues of monitoring unstructured information for business intelligence for the first time, beyond mere sentiment analysis, should beware of those offering low cost miracles. Watching the scrolling numbers at Tweetping could give you a headache after a few minutes, and while we can’t offer an aspirin for that, we can offer some resources that make understanding the hows and whys a little less overwhelming.

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