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Listen to What Your Documents Are Trying to Say with the expert.ai NL

Analyze text in a matter of seconds, all without putting on your reading glasses. Use natural language understanding (NLU) to gain insight into the people, places and words that matter to your business. Check out some of documents that can help you understand what you can do with the expert.ai Platform:

Briefs & White Papers:

Harnessing the Power of Unstructured Data with NLP and NLU

How the Expert.ai Platform Impacts Your Approach to NL

Core Hybrid Use Cases for the Enterprise Business

Essential Techniques for Successful Hybrid NL Use Cases


Can Hybrid-ML Approaches Help When Supervised Data Isn’t Enough for LLMs? | by Samuel Algherini | May, 2022 | Towards Data Science

How reliable are NLP benchmarks?. A case study on the WiC dataset | by Sinan Gültekin | May, 2022 | Towards Data Science

No Fear Stylometry with expert.ai | by Gianmarco E. Saretto | Towards Data Science

Discover Music’s Mood with expert.ai | by Laura Gorrieri | Towards Data Science

A simple NLP application for ambiguity resolution | by Laura Gorrieri | Towards Data Science

Visualizing what docs are really about with expert.ai | by Laura Gorrieri | Towards Data Science

Alternative distributional semantics approach | by Nesrine Sfar | Towards Data Science

How to get reports from audio files using speech recognition and NLP | by Samuel Algherini | Towards Data Science

A Semantics-Based Approach to Effective Email Management | by Samuel Algherini | Nerd For Tech | Medium

Do You Speak Argot? Capturing Slang on Twitter with Expert.ai | by Silvia Ronchi | Medium


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