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Guidewire Software Solution Partner

Guidewire Software Solution Partner

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Expert.ai has joined Guidewire PartnerConnect Program as a Solution Partner.

For users of Guidewire, the Marketplace makes it easy to discover creative new solutions, choosing from an extensive collection of pre-built and validated apps, content and more from the world’s most trusted and innovative partners in P&C insurance.

As a new Solution Partner, expert.ai will be building an integration for the Guidewire Marketplace. By turning language into data, our integration will help insurers intelligently automate claims processes and improve process standardization.

Expert.ai augments automation workflows in every step of the claim validation process.

Solution Benefits

  • Deliver claims reviews 40% faster
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Identify and reduce claims leakage by removing subjectivity

Planned Integration Benefits

Streamlining and optimizing the claims process:

  • Reducing the processing time
  • Obtaining efficiency gains
  • Improving accuracy levels thanks to standardization
  • Providing a better user experience