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The Expert Guide to Hybrid Artificial Intelligence (4-Part Series)

The Expert Guide to Hybrid Artificial Intelligence (4-Part Series)

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Unstructured language data presents an immense challenge to the enterprise. It also presents a unique opportunity if addressed with the proper approach. While symbolic and machine learning both offer viable approaches to building natural language solutions, neither are ideally suited to address the complexity and scale of modern enterprise business cases. However, when paired in a hybrid approach, organizations can instantly unlock greater power and flexibility in their solutions.

Given the unprecedented growth in unstructured language data across the enterprise, organizations must be bolder and more innovative in how they address it. That is exactly what hybrid artificial intelligence enables organizations to do.

The following collection of white papers offers a 360-degree view of hybrid AI that enables you to understand the concept on a foundational level as well as its potential value to your organization. Get started on your hybrid journey today. These should help you along the way:

  1. What Is Hybrid Natural Language Understanding?
  2. Essential Natural Language Criteria Optimized by a Hybrid Approach
  3. Core Hybrid Use Cases for the Enterprise Business
  4. How the Expert.ai Platform Impacts Your Approach to NL