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Expert.ai is built with the enterprise data scientist in mind. It is the only platform that provides access to different symbolic, hybrid and ML models, with full transparency and control over the design, development and deployment process. Leverage the full set of functionalities in any step of the workflow, from data ingestion and converting to tuning and development.

NLU models built for Data Scientists

Build Enterprise Applications

Choose from a range of models based on different NLU techniques and the required performance and accuracy for your use case. Scale easily for large datasets or for edge cases, which are common in language-related applications. Run automated testing to ensure reliability every step of the way.

Create Business Value

Take advantage of automated features for testing and auditing so that you can focus on creativity, innovation and delivery.

Simplify Model Deployment

Select the language model for your use case, from knowledge-intensive process automation, advanced knowledge discovery to intelligent chatbots. Easily update models with no downtime and build continual learning pipelines.