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Business Breakfast: Where to Start with the Digital Transformation? May 24 in Zurich, June 5 in Cologne

The term “digital transformation” has almost become a dirty word – there isn’t a company out there that does not have a transformation initiative. No one wants to miss out. The hardest part of this concept is that everyone has a different idea of what the digital transformation means.

For some it is switching from paper forms to PDFs, for others it means using digital data to discover new business models. We are moving beyond the optimization of processes towards “disruptive” new business models.

If digital data is the core of the transformation, then it would be simplest to begin with the company’s existing data. We will show you ways in which our customers or partners have set about the digital transformation.

We would like to invite you to our Business Breakfast on the subject of the digital transformation on May 24 in Zurich and June 5 in Cologne. The agenda and registration can be found here.

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