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expert.ai Platform Overview

Expert.ai provides a scalable natural language platform that is purpose-built for the unique complexity of unstructured language data. It employs a hybrid approach that combines machine learning (ML) and knowledge-based AI techniques to help you understand the context, meaning and relationships in language. This enables you to transform language into data and power your business applications or processes.

Language Data Tools

The expert.ai Platform simplifies operations by managing the complete natural language workflow with end-to-end support for annotation, labeling, model training, testing and workflow orchestration. This generates results with the highest confidence and accuracy levels.

Key language data tools include:

  • Corpus Management: Use an intuitive dashboard to quickly search and navigate corpora by keywords, lemmas, named entities and key elements.
  • Knowledge Graph Management: Accelerate projects with a ready to use out of the box, and easily customized, knowledge graphs that contain the process and domain specific terms required for natural language understanding, business insight and high-quality results. Learn more about the Knowledge Graph.
  • Collaborative Annotation: Make data preparation easier with comprehensive and collaborative annotation and labeling tools. Learn more about expert.ai Annotation.
  • Taxonomy Management: Leverage a single end-to-end taxonomy solution for increased productivity and reusability when building content taxonomies. Learn more about expert.ai Taxonomy Management.
  • NL Workflow Management: Construct multiple NLP pipelines by combining ML models, custom language packs from Expert.ai Studio, or custom logic into a workflow.
  • Experiments Dashboard: Run experiments to measure True Positives, False Positives, False Negatives, Precision, Recall, and F1 metrics with an intuitive dashboard and comparison tools to understand regressions and metric improvements.
  • Expert.ai Studio:  Build rules using a Windows-based integrated development environment (IDE) purpose built for custom AI-based text models that leverage the cognitive abilities of the expert.ai Platform. Learn more about expert.ai Studio.

Intelligent Document Processing

Information access is crucial to efficient workflows and required to successfully accelerate and automate processes. Intelligent Data Processing turns your text assets into data and provides the ability to capture text, classify and extract unstructured language data typically trapped in pdf, html, or MS Word documents etc.

Key Benefits of Intelligent Document Processing:

  • Eliminate manual data entry, cleanup and validation.
  • Import text files and standard formats (i.e. pdf, html, etc.).
  • Detect English, Spanish, Italian, German and French language documents.
  • Index and organize without the need for document pre-sorting.
  • Automate text encoding and automate conversion to UTF-8.

Hybrid AI

The expert.ai Platform is based on the principle that no single natural language AI technique is a fit for every project. Teams need the flexibility of a hybrid approach that integrates symbolic AI with ML techniques to achieve the success metrics most valuable for each use case, such as explainability, scalability and accuracy.

Key Benefits of Hybrid AI Approach:

  • Performs well in situations where little training data is available.
  • More cost effective and energy efficient than pure machine learning or neural networks.
  • More explainable and predictable by design.
  • Better fine-tuning of results with a human-in-the-loop approach.
  • Easy configuration of symbolic features and ML model hyperparameters to maximize task performance using AutoML.
  • Quick reuse and versioning of ML models saves time.

Learn why the hybrid AI approach is the best for text analytic projects.

Domain Knowledge Models

Language is hard. Making sense of industry-specific jargon or company-specific product terminology is even harder. For natural language processing (NLP) techniques to work, they must be able to resolve ambiguity within a text. More importantly, they must do so using only the knowledge and context from the original text source. Domain-specific knowledge bases capture domain knowledge that NLP algorithms need to correctly interpret domain-specific text. Expert.ai has 30+ years of expertise delivering natural language solutions in insurance, technology, financial services and media.  The expert.ai Platform leverages this expertise to make you ‘smarter from the start’ with intuitive and easy-to-use workflows that accelerate the development of custom and explainable natural language solutions. Be smarter from the start leveraging out-of-the-box taxonomies and ontologies including:

  • Extraction topics like people, places, companies, geographies, organizations, emotions, crimes and medical codes.
  • Ontologies for insurance, financial services, and media organizations that show the properties and relations between concepts and categories.

Learn more about expert.ai Knowledge Models.

Expert.ai NL API

The expert.ai NL API delivers a comprehensive set of language analysis features that help developers and data scientists quickly build NLP applications that deliver deep language understanding with superior accuracy. Out of the box, the expert.ai NL API offers multi-language support that enables you to:

  • Resolve ambiguities in text.
  • Extract keywords, concepts and key phrases.
  • Recognize named entities and the relationships between concepts.
  • Determine sentiment.
  • Categorize documents with embedded taxonomies.

Use the NL API on its own or easily embed it into your existing AI processes to increase productivity, reduce development costs and optimize insight with expert.ai’s precise understanding of text.

Try the NL API.