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AI offers financial services organizations improvements in efficiency, security and reduced costs for some of their most vital processes, including: analysis and enhancement of text information, compliance and regulatory management, financial crime risk monitoring (e.g. anti-money laundering, illegal transactions, theft of personal data, fraud, etc.), and support for internal staff and interactions with an increasingly digital customer base.

Expert.ai’s natural language solutions help banks and financial institutions streamline the activities and processes associated with managing large volumes of internal and external information by analyzing and extracting valuable insights from news, agreements, email, customer inquiries, regulatory rules, bank reports and other documents.


reduction in false positives in Anti-Money Laundering checks

+2 million

customer care requests processed monthly


accuracy rate for classifying news and financial documents


costs reduced for back-office processes

Applications for banks and financial institutions

Money Laundering and Adverse News Screening

Automate media monitoring and analysis to detect news related to investigations, criminal offenses and financial crimes involving customers or counterparties to mitigate risk of penalties and comply with regulatory requirements.


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Regulatory Tracking and Change Management

Proactively monitor relevant legislative and regulatory changes to evaluate their impact on your business, policies and contracts. Quickly identify the changes needed to improve banking processes and documentation to ensure compliance with the law.


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Digital Customer Interaction

Fully manage all communications channels (website, messaging apps, chatbots, email, complaints, social media, phone conversations, etc.) to support customers and internal employees and use the insights gained to optimize interactions.


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Smart Search

Make it easier to access the knowledge available within banking documentation and internal repositories to quickly and more effectively support customers and agents with information that is useful for your business.


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ESG Risk Management

Monitor reputational indicators and extract ESG performance data to inform investment decisions, evaluate ESG performance in corporate banking and ensure compliance with European regulations.


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